BioVectra is currently offering an opportunity to purchase our industry leading reagents at a discounted price for new orders shipped by the end of November. Product highlights include (but are not limited to):

  • DTT –   Dithiothreitol

    • Used for maintaining thiol groups in reduced state during protein processing, isolation, and denaturation
    • Industry leading quality and reliability
    • Available in cGMP, High Purity, and Molecular Biology Grades
    • Purity >99%
  • DHAA – Dehydroascorbic acid

    • Used in the oxidation of proteins
    • Commonly used during prep of ADCs
    • Available in cGMP and non-cGMP grade
  • TCEP – Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine, hydrochloride

    • Used in the reduction of disulfide bonds
    • Commonly used during the prep of ADCs
    • Available in cGMP and non-cGMP grade

*Reagents will be subject to price adjustments in 2018.

To learn more about your special discounted price, please contact:

David Young

Product Manager

T: 1 (902) 213-3408

Reagents Fall Special

Paul Besner

Customer Service Representative

T: 1 (866) 883-2872 ext.6210

Reagents Fall Special