BioVectra’s drug development activities focus on new entity and generic products with challenging active ingredients and formulations. We place emphasis on: antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), high potent APIs, complex multi-step chemical synthesis, complex intravenous injectables and intramuscular sustained-release formulations. BioVectra has expertise in the use of lipid and polymer-based nanoparticulate formulations for solubilization, controlled release and the targeting of drugs.

BioVectra’s labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for physical and chemical characterization of APIs, excipients, nanoparticle preparation, and cGMP analytical testing. Specialized equipment includes microfluidizers, thermal analysis, and physicochemical characterization tools such as particle size, surface charge and surface area analyzers.

Our contract drug development capabilities include:

  • Antibody drug conjugates

  • Potent compounds

  • Taxane chemistry

  • Liposomal formulations

  • MPEG chemistry and conjugation

  • Nanoparticles

  • Many other product classes and formulation methods

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