BioVectra is an industry leader in microbial fermentation of both small and large molecules, with scalable cGMP operations from 30L to 17,000L. In response to market demand we have invested in several expansions to double our capacity to 64,000L, which is located across two geographically distinct locations providing commercial redundancy.

In addition to industry standard downstream processing techniques, BioVectra’s core synthetic chemistry capabilities have been integrated into our fermentation service offerings, allowing for complex solvent-based purification processes. This is further extended by a core focus on natural product syntheses from secondary metabolites produced by microbial fermentation to generate highly complex intermediates and APIs.

Types of Drug Products:

  • Small molecules

  • Proteins

  • Enzymes

  • Antibody fragments

  • Peptides

Range of Microbes:

  • Filamentous bacteria

  • Marine based bacteria

  • Fungal fermentation

  • E. Coli

Downstream Processing:

  • Centrifugations

  • Lysis

  • Purification

  • UF/DF

  • Synthetic chemistry

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