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BioVectra Inc. Celebrates the Opening of Flagship Warehouse & Process Development Suites as part of Global Biotech Week

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (September 21, 2017) – BioVectra Inc. is proud to announce the opening of a new flagship warehouse and process development suites in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

“A vibrant and successful BioScience cluster holds one of the keys to continued growth and prosperity for Canada,” BioVectra’s President Oliver Technow said. “BioVectra is well positioned as a leader in the highly competitive market we participate in, capitalizing on our unique capabilities, 300 tremendously skilled employees and unwavering commitment to quality.”

“The recent and future investments demonstrate our ability to remain competitive and to be at the global forefront of innovation and success, right here in Atlantic Canada,” Technow continued. “Our new, state-of-the-art warehouse meets our business needs of today and the future, exemplifying our dedication to grow further.”

“BioVectra is an excellent example of a company that is constantly adapting to the ever changing technological and scientific landscape in the bioscience industry,” Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath MacDonald said. “It is a leader in an industry that is growing rapidly, adding new, highly skilled jobs, and gaining an international reputation for our province.”

BioVectra’s grand opening coincides with Global Biotech Week, a Canadian initiative that originated in 2003 to raise awareness of the industry and its global potential.

“Global Biotech Week provides an important opportunity to recognize and celebrate biotechnology innovation and the role it plays in addressing environmental and health challenges,” President and CEO of BIOTECanada Andrew Casey said. “Canada is one of a number of nations that are home to thriving and diverse biotechnology ecosystems which are developing game changing and life altering innovations.”

BIOTECanada is the national industry association with over 200 members located nationwide, reflecting the biotechnology sector.

“BioVectra’s 45 year history, recent growth in Windsor, Nova Scotia and today’s addition of new warehouse and process development suites in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is a great example of a made in Canada globally competitive company,” Casey added. “The Canadian biotech ecosystem is supported by strong clusters in every province across the country offering Canadians competitive highly skilled 21st century jobs. All combined, the ecosystem is a strategic economic asset for Canada within the emerging global bio-economy.”

The new 21,000 square foot warehouse enhances BioVectra’s ability to grow with the global demand for its products and services. Equipped with 400 pallet positions, the new warehouse also provides the opportunity to grow with built-in expansions.

“As our business continues to grow, so does the need for storage of our raw materials, consumables and finished products,” BioVectra’s Planning and Operations Manager Tim Murphy said.

With a total investment of $4M, the new warehouse is equipped with a devoted loading dock, dedicated sampling rooms, robust security system and tight temperature controls to keep products at their required temperatures.

About BioVectra

BioVectra is a CDMO that serves pharmaceutical and biotech companies with full-service cGMP outsourcing solutions for intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. An innovative and reliable partner with a strong quality history, BioVectra has over 45 years of experience specializing in:

  • Microbial Fermentation
  • Complex Chemistry
  • High Potency APIs
  • Process & Analytical Development
  • Drug Development

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September 21st, 2017|Articles, News|

BioVectra Inc. to Open New Microbial Fermentation and Complex Chemistry Site in December 2017

$30 million investment increases BioVectra’s total manufacturing capacity by 40%

WINDSOR, Nova Scotia – BioVectra Inc., a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) providing cGMP services to globally operated biotech and pharmaceutical companies, today announced that its fourth cGMP facility will be fully operational by December 2017. The late-stage to commercial-scale microbial fermentation and complex chemistry facility is located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, with proximity and service to Northeast USA development entities.

BioVectra’s $30 million investment has equipped the 50,000 square-foot facility with 40,000 liters (L) of fermentation capacity, downstream processing equipment and new pre-clinical fermentation and potent chemistry suites. “The investment strengthens our unique position in the very competitive global marketplace, enabling us to offer new and existing clients range of scale throughout the entire lifecycle of a product,” said Oliver Technow, BioVectra’s President.

The new facility is an investment in BioVectra’s core development and manufacturing competencies: microbial fermentation and complex chemistries. As an industry leader in microbial fermentation of both small and large molecules, the company provides scalable cGMP operations from 30 L to 17,000 L. BioVectra has the capability to handle the development and cGMP scale-up of high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), handling potent substances such as antibody-drug conjugate warheads, with occupational exposure limit (OEL) levels of < 20 ng/m3 (Safebridge Band 3 and 4).

The new facility increases BioVectra’s ability to partner with global pharmaceutical companies by offering dual-site risk mitigation. “This expansion helps BioVectra keep up with the growing demand for our products, while also meeting an underserved need for large-scale microbial fermentation in North America,” said Heather Delage, Vice President of Business Development. “In addition to the facility’s large-scale fermentation capability, the site also offers a complementary footprint for synthetic process development and laboratory-based activities.”

BioVectra’s three additional cGMP facilities and headquarters are located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Media Contact 
Jordan MacGregor, 902-566-9116 ext. 6376
Communications Manager

May 24th, 2017|Articles|

Join us in New York City for DCAT Week 2017 – March 20-23

March 6, 2017

Join us in New York City for DCAT Week 2017 – March 20-23

Join us in New York City for DCAT Week 2017 on March 20-23, 2017. DCAT Week is the premier business development event for companies engaged in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and related industries. It is organized and hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) to assist its member companies with their business development objectives. The event’s unique model brings together members for high-level strategic meetings with key decision makers, timely educational programs and important networking opportunities.

March 6th, 2017|News|

DCAT Announces New Advisory Council Member

November 1, 2016


DCAT Announces New Advisory Council Member

Robbinsville, NJ, November 1, 2016 – The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technology Association (DCAT) is pleased to announce that Oliver Technow, president of BioVectra, Inc., has been elected by the membership to serve on DCAT’s Advisory Council for a three-year term beginning November 1, 2016.

“We look forward to Mr. Technow’s contributions to the DCAT organization,” said Executive Director Margaret Timony. “He brings valuable industry experience and leadership skills that will help shape and support the organization’s programs, events and projects.”

More information on new DCAT Leadership can be found here.

About DCAT
The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) is a not-for-profit, global business development association whose unique membership model integrates both innovator and generic drug manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients, development and manufacturing services, and related technologies. We are committed to provide programs, events and services that help our members meet their business objectives, expand their network of customers and suppliers, and gain insight into industry trends, markets, and those issues impacting pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. With over 400 corporate members, DCAT is headquartered in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

March 5th, 2017|News|

BioVectra Goes Global

Some 45 years ago, Regis Duffy saw large-scale opportunity in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic marketplace and created the origins of BioVectra Inc. in a Charlottetown garage. In the ensuing decades, BioVectra has earned global recognition and a key role in Atlantic Canada’s bioscience sector.

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February 26th, 2017|Articles|

Joint Venture Contract Services – A CDMO’S Approach To Being A True Partner

September 20, 2016

Joint Venture Contract Services – A CDMO’S Approach To Being A True Partner

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the key functional component of a pharmaceutical formulation, rendering efficacy to the final drug product. Driven by the aging population, public and government demands for affordable drugs, reimbursement pressure and expansion of the emerging market, the pharmaceutical market is expanding rapidly. With this, the global market for APIs will rise steadily, meeting the increased need for medicines across the board. The market is expected to reach $198.8 billion by 2022, growing from $121.4 billion in 2014 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4%.

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September 20th, 2016|Articles|

What makes BioVectra a “Leader in today’s competitive CDMO market.”

June 8, 2016

What makes BioVectra a “Leader in today’s competitive CDMO market.”

BioVectra’s new President Oliver Technow shares his insight story about what makes BioVectra a “Leader in today’s competitive CDMO market.”  BioVectra started its journey more than 45 years ago as a fine chemical and enzyme producer for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Today, with four facilities and roughly 300 employees in Eastern Canada, BioVectra is focused on partnering in innovative ways in the long-term manufacturing and development of APIs and drug substances.

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June 8th, 2016|Articles|

Establishing Specialized CDMO Capabilities for the Production of Advanced Therapies

May 20, 2016

Establishing Specialized CDMO Capabilities for the Production of Advanced Therapies

To be successful, contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) must be forward thinking — constantly anticipating the future needs of potential customers and investing in state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and technologies.

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May 20th, 2016|Articles|

BioVectra – Hiring Practices – The Employment Journey on PEI

January 29, 2016

BioVectra – Hiring Practices – The Employment Journey on PEI

BioVectra is a custom manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients for pharma companies.  The company started when Dr. Regis Duffy, Dean of Science at UPEI, wanted to create summer employment for his students. Now, 45 years later, BioVectra is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a publicly-traded multinational pharmaceutical company with employees working primarily on PEI, as well as Nova Scotia and elsewhere.  “We have 260 talented people with diverse backgrounds in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and many fields of engineering, as well as specialists in manufacturing and quality assurance,” says Heather Delage, who has worked for BioVectra for 25 years.

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January 29th, 2016|Articles|

BioVectra Announces Acquistion of Former Sunovion (Sepracor) Facility

June 23, 2014

BioVectra Announces Acquisition of Former Sunovion (Sepracor) Facility

BioVectra, a specialized cGMP manufacturer, and developer of pharmaceutical ingredients has announced today that it has agreed to purchase the previous Sepracor Canada Limited facility at Windsor, Nova Scotia, for an undisclosed sum.

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June 23rd, 2014|News|

BioVectra Starts Construction to Expand Charlottetown Facility

June 11, 2014

BioVectra Starts Construction to Expand Charlottetown Facility

BioVectra, a specialized manufacturer and developer of pharmaceutical ingredients for the global marketplace, has commenced the expansion of one of its Prince Edward Island facilities, located at 11 Aviation Avenue, adjacent to the Charlottetown airport.

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June 11th, 2014|News|

Risk Management in Financing of Capital Expansions

May 1, 2014

Risk Management in Financing of Capital Expansions

BioVectra Inc. is an eastern Canadian contract manufacturing organization (CMO) with expertise in both synthetic chemistry and biomanufacturing techniques. In recent years, it has obtained specialized knowledge in the production of highly potent small molecules from fermentation and functionalized methoxy-poly (ethylene glycol) products (MPEGs). The focus of BioVectra’s contract manufacturing business is the transfer and scale-up of processes for manufacturing its clients’ products under current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) as appropriate for the clinical stage of each product.

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May 1st, 2014|Articles|