Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values2017-06-07T22:11:45-02:30

As a developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products that improve health, our mission is to ensure:

  • Our customers specific needs are understood, acknowledged, and met.

  • We strive to be a seamless extension to our clients’ businesses and an integral partner in their growth.

  • All quality, compliance, and safety issues associated with our business are addressed.

  • Our employees are provided with opportunities for career advancement.

  • We create value for our shareholders and employees while maintaining our commitment to customers, community and other stakeholders.

To be a responsive, quality-oriented drug development and manufacturing partner for companies developing specialized therapeutics, and making selected and qualified investments for the continued ability to serve our client needs, and ensuring the growth of our business and success.

Corporate Values:
BioVectra’s corporate values shape our decision making and are reflected in our everyday interactions with clients and fellow team members. They outline the experience that customers have come to appreciate and expect.


Working together to achieve our common goal


Recognition and appreciation for the value and values that each BioVectra team member brings


Offering products and services of exceptional and unsurpassed caliber, on time and on budget


Demonstrate expertise and knowledge, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standard